Dua for Love Between Husband and Wife

husband wife love dua

Dua for Love Between Husband and Wife – Often a married couple finds things complicated when it is about spending life together especially when love between them is getting faded. The reason could be multiple which creates differences in married life but the ultimate target is bucketing of love which slowly getting emptied. In your case also this is happening then you can follow our simple and strong dua for love. 

ilhm ilham rahooq rehmat-ul-ilham Isahal nikaah Miyaan wakhuluf iltaar

Before going to bed if you whisper this dua near the ear to your partner without letting him/her know for 13 times continuously for 23 days. You should be ensuring that your partner will not be in a sense, i.e. you can choose the time when he/she is sleeping. This dua for love from wife or husband will be a very effective or powerful proven solution to the user.

Dua for love from husband/wife

husband wife love dua
husband wife love dua

Maybe there is a lack of love between husband and wife, you want that you both should be in keen love with each other and care. You want that your partner should be always in keen love with you the below dua for all kind of love problems will be very helpful.

“Alhma Hammo Kal Noor Ishq Ibadat iltez-e-Arshil”

If this dua is been recited by anyone whether husband/wife, for continue 25 days. This will help in getting love in married life. You need to make sure that 13 times a day post doing supplications, this dua need to be offered with a holy and pure heart.

Generally, Dua is used to bringing happiness and good relations between husband and wife.

Dua to bring husband and wife closer

Is it important to you to remain in love with your partner forever? If yes, then reciting a dua to bring love and understanding between husband and wife is the best way to accomplish this. You may worry that relationship problems, such as trust issues, misunderstandings, and incompatibility issues, will end your marriage.

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