Dua to Make Parents and Family Agree for Marriage

love marriage agree dua

Dua to make parents agree for marriage – Do you love someone so much, and now you want to spend your whole life with him/her through marriage? But you are afraid of how to do a marriage because maybe your parents don’t like the family of your partner. Or maybe your parents don’t even want your beloved one, and here, there is also another case for you.

Maybe the family of your beloved one doesn’t like you as well as your family also which is so bad. So, brothers and sisters, if you are facing any of these difficulties, then don’t worry about your marriage. Because if your love for your beloved one should true then the Almighty Allah will gonna help you. And no one will stop your marriage because the Almighty Allah is the creator of this world.

He creates you and all the things you see from your eyes and he knows that what’s good for you? So, brothers and sisters, if you want to do the marriage with your beloved one then having faith in the Almighty Allah SWT.

love marriage agree dua
love marriage agree dua

In this case, you also have to recite the most powerful and working dua for parents approval for marriage. Because dua to convince parents for love marriage will also help you to do the marriage with your beloved one.

Dua to make parents agree for marriage

If you want to do the love marriage then you will see lots of difficulties and troubles in your life.

Sometimes, you’ll face your parents don’t agree with you and if your parents agree with you and accept your partner. But here, you will see another difficulty or trouble which is, the parents of your beloved one don’t accept you.

Why parents don’t accept a love marriage? Maybe because they don’t see the future of their children with the beloved one. Because they’ve seen that, most of the love marriage don’t grow and the couple always does fight with each other.

So that’s why both the family don’t accept the love marriage but this is not over our brothers and sisters. There are also those whose love marriage who are doing good and they live their life happily as well as joy.

Those who love marriage who doesn’t grow then they saw lots of problems in their relationship but if you’ve Almighty Allah. Then we are 100% sure that, doing a love marriage will not harm you as well as your family. And if you want to do the love marriage and want to agree with your parents then recite powerful dua.

Here we will provide you the most powerful and the working dua to make parents agree to marriage for themselves.

Most Powerful Dua to make family agree for marriage

Here’s the powerful dua to make the family agree to the marriage, and here we also tell you, how to recite it.

  • First of all, before reciting the dua to make the family agree to a marriage, you’ve to pray all the 5 Namaz.
  • Because this is only the Namaz or Salah from where you can achieve or make an impossible thing possible.
  • After that, you have to recite this dua to make parents agree to marriage after the completion of Namaz/Salah.
  • While making the dua, you have to open the Quran and, while opening the Quran, read the complete Darood Shareef.
  • After that, you’ve to read a Surah Yaseen full and then make a dua to agree with your parents.
  • And then In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you and make your parents agree to your love marriage.

Aameen! You have to perform this procedure until your parents accept your beloved one and agree for your love marriage.

But brothers and sisters, if you will not offer 5 Salah in a day then you’ll not get the results. If you think you can’t perform such type of wazifa along with dua, then at that time put the complete trust in The Almighty Allah and contact our Molvi Sahab. Inshallah with the help of The Almighty Allah he will help you as fast as possible.

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