Muslim Prayer, Dua and Surah to Make Someone Love You

make someone love you

Muslim Prayer For Someone You Love

Is your beloved one or someone lost due to some of the problems that come in your happy relationship? That problems maybe comes when you made any mistake which is not good for as well as the beloved one. If you made that mistake which is only good for you and your beloved one, then your partner should accept. But if that mistake is big mistake which is not so good for you and your beloved one then brothers and sisters no one will accept such type of problem.

So, if you lost someone and now you want to back that beloved one or someone in your life again. You cannot do such type of thing so easily than at that time; you have to take help from dua. If you search any type of dua on the Internet then you will see tons of dua out there. At that time, don’t go anywhere or search any dua out there and if you are looking for the prayer.

If you are looking for the most powerful and working Muslim prayer for someone you love or someone you lost. Then you in the right place because here we will tell you the working Muslim prayer for someone you love.

Dua to Make Someone Love You

Sometimes, when you love someone truly as well as with the bottom of heart but that someone doesn’t know this. He or she doesn’t know this because you had not proposed him or her, so brothers and sisters tell us. How someone will know about your feelings? If your partner or someone whom you love so much doesn’t know about your feelings as well as your love. Then how he or she accepts you so, you have to show your feelings in front of that someone/lover.

make someone love you
make someone love you

Are you afraid of how I will propose or showy feelings in front of someone whom I love so much? At that time, you don’t have to take any type of tension/any type of worry as well as depression. Because we are here to solve your such type of tension, worry, and depression with the help of dua, prayer. Here we will provide you a most powerful as well as working dua  to make someone love you back.

We also provide you a powerful and working Muslim prayer someone love you which will help to create the love in the heart of someone whom you love so much. So, brothers and sisters if you want to know these powerful prayers and the dua then read this full article.

Surah to Make Someone Love You

If you love someone so much and you want to live your with that someone special through a successful marriage. Then you have to ask such type of feelings to your parents and tell them clearly to marry someone. But if you want to do all these things with tour own self then take help from surah, dua. If you do this things/process then brothers and sisters take the help from the Almighty Allah SWT.

Here is the surah to make someone love you, dua to make someone love you, Muslim prayer someone love you. You also have to follow some of the simple steps which we will tell you in the below:

  • First of all, you should be a perfect ummah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and you pray all the Salah.
  • Always remember that you don’t have to miss any Namaz because if you will miss then this is not good.
  • While start performing the process, you have to wake up at the Fajar time and then take a bath.
  • After that, do a wudu and then pray that Fajar Namaz or Salah and after the completion of Namaz/Salah.
  • Now you have to open the Quran paak while chanting the Darood Shareef, now search for a Surah Lahab.
  • Complete reciting this surah Lahab and make a dua to make someone love you.
  • In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will make someone love you truly and give you that someone.

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