Rohani ilaj for Love Marriage or Married Soon

rohani ilaj love marriage

If you want to know the Rohani ilaj for love marriage but before that let’s know what is Rohani ilaj?

Rohani ilaj or rohani Amal is that way from which you will solve all your inner problems permanently. Do you love someone but you afraid of being that your lover doesn’t accept you?  There are various other reasons when you are going to marry your lover. Sometimes in life when you fall in love with someone else you don’t see his or her religion. You don’t see her family background or other important things and you love him or her madly.

When you propose your lover maybe he or she accepts you and he or she also loves you truly. The problem occurs in your relationship or even in your life at that time. When you tell your parents that you want to do the marriage with your lover. Then your family see all the background of your lover and also other important things. We also know that my brothers and sisters, love is a blessing of the Almighty Allah.

rohani ilaj love marriage
rohani ilaj love marriage

Love doesn’t see the family background or even the cost or religion. This is not love for your lover if you see your lover’s family background and cost or religion. Love is the most precious gift that our Almighty Allah has given us and it is done blindly.

Rohani ilaj for Married Soon

If you want to do to the love marriage then there is the rohani ilaj for married soon. After performing this rohani ilaj for married soon, all your problems according to the family matter will solve. This Rohani ilaj doesn’t only help to do the love marriage but also’ll help you to do the marriage soon. This Rohani ilaj is also known as the rohani amal and is the most powerful and working rohani ilaj.

It can also solve all the problem occurs in your future life between you and your wife or husband. You can also take the help from the dua and the wazifa and if you want to know that dua.

Then there is the door for getting married soon: Namaz

Laqadd Ja akum Raasullummiinn An Fusiikum Aazeezunn

Aalaihhi Ma Aanittuum Hareesunn Alaikum Bilmu Mineena

Raufarr Raahimun

You have to recite this Rohani dua for married soon for after the every Salah.

Also remember one thing in your mind, before reciting this Dua. You have to offer all the 5 times Salah in a day and it is better for you if you will offer the Tahajjud Namaz.

How to Perform Rohani ilaj for love Marriage

If you want to know how to perform Rohani ilaj for love marriage then you are at the right place.

Here is the complete procedure of how to perform Rohani ilaj for love marriage:

  • Read this when you truly want to live your life with your lover and do the love Marriage.
  • Always eat the Halal Food.
  • If you are going to follow this Rohani ilaj you must have to obey all the Islamic Rules.
  • You have to offer 5 Times prayers.
  • Always talking the truth.
  • Always listen to the younger and elder and obey parents/teachers/elders.
  • Don’t hurt anyone.
  • If your Lover or beloved one is affected by any types of Magic.
  • Then at that time first you have to cure about that magic.
  • It is better for you to pray or offer the 2 raqat daily of Salat o Toba.
  • When you are going to perform this Rohani ilaj first you have to recite the darood Sharif for 7 Times.
  • After that, you have to recite in the Darood Shareef 11 times continuously.
  • Start this Rohani ilaj in any time of the day
  • Before starting this Rohani ilaj you also have to do the sadqa.

After completing all these things now put your faith on the Almighty Allah SWT. If you want to know other Rohani ilaj then contact any astrologer or the Molvi Sahab.

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