Shohar ko Kabu Karne ki Dua, Wazifa aur Amal

shohar kor kabu karne ki dua

Shohar ko Kabu Karne ki Dua – Assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim! As we all know that, a wedding or marriage is a very important ceremony in every human being’s life. Whether it’s done by your choice or by your parents’ choice, marriage or wedding is always plays an important part.

Marriage plays a vital role in every person’s life and is also a new phase of your life. In marriage life, both the husband and wife should be equally dedicated to the relation. Let us understand this by an example if you ride the bicycle of life both the wheels play a significant role. I mean husband and wife both are like two wheels of the bicycle. If one of the wheels gets damaged for any of the causes, then the bicycle cannot be ridden. So, to maintain the husband and wife relationship, they both have to follow a balanced life.

And with the help of this, life’s bicycle will move on its way. But in the majority, the responsibility of such a husband and wife relationship is always threw on the head of a woman. And in this male-dominated society always a woman is neglect all the time. And if the relationship should become a bad relationship, then our society always blames a lady more than a man.

Shohar ko Kabu Karne ka Wazifa

To all those ladies who are suffering from this same problem then I want to ask a question from of you ladies. Is this really the fault of a woman in a bad relationship? And if you want to know my answer, then I will say no, not at all. The husband and wife both are equally responsible for this situation, and when a girl gets married, she has a lot of dreams.

She came to her husband’s house with so many hopes, and she also gets fears about how will be her new life. All she trusts and depends upon the only man is her husband, and in Islamic Religion, it’s referred as Shohar. But all the girls are not so lucky enough to get a cooperative husband who loves and cares for his wife.

shohar kor kabu karne ki dua
Shohar ko Kabu Karne ki Dua

There are also those husbands who even do not listen to the wife’s words. In society, they always think that in a married relationship, the husband is the only one and all. But in a bad relationship, such type of husband does not give respect to his lady or wife and he always put his wife in the house as a showpiece to show the people that she is his wife. He always treats her wife like any other non-living things in the house and never cares and loves her wife. He shouts at her and shows anger to her and if you are that type of lady or wife.

If you are suffering from these problems in your marital life, then there is shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa for you. A good woman tries everything to be with her husband, and she behaves nicely to her Shohar and always cares for him. She always obeys each and every word told by her husband and she still respects him.

She does not let him down in any of the conditions or problems either it may be bad or good. But after trying all of these things and still your husband does not change and behaves the same way. Then what you can do as a human being now. The Almighty Allah gives us the problems, and he also gives us the solution as well as in the Quran. In this case, you have to seek help from  Almighty Allah, and this can only be solved by duas and wazifas.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa:-

  1. First of all, Do the Wudu and then read or offer the Isha’s Namaz or
  2. After completing the Isha’s prayer, now before the Dua, you have to recite the “Ya Lteefu’u” 69 times. And always think of your husband in your heart and mind.
  3. After this, take the oil and then blow the dua and after that, you have to massage that oil on Shohar’s head.
  4. Now make a Dua to Almighty Allah, and In Sha Allah Allah will help you.

Shohar ko Apne Bas mai Karne ki Dua

Even in my life, I have also seen so many cases that a husband and wife are dedicated to each other. But the husband has some bad habits like smoking and drinking which is so dangerous for a husband in his life. So as a dedicated wife, it’s the duty of a wife to show her husband the right path.

And if her husband doesn’t listen to words, then you have the right to take help from Dua. After this dua, your husband will listen to your words. When you recite husband ko bas mai karne ki dua. You can see the changes in your husband’s life. This Shohar ko apne bas mai karne ki dua is also legal in Islam and help those ladies who are torture by their husbands day, night, and every day. Shohar ko bas mai karne ki dua will keep control of your husband’s mind and body. It will decrease their angriness at you and keep calm inside.

Perform this Dua before going to sleep when you are in bed:-

  1. Take a fresh Wudu and then recite 11 times of Darood Sharif. And after that, you have to recite ‘Bismillah Sharif.
  2. Remember one thing, while performing this, think of your husband or Shohar in your heart or mind. And after that Darood Shariff recite this more times and it depends on yourself

“Man Kanaa Muhammad iin Aabaa Ahaadiin

Miin Rijaalikuum Wallaa Kiin Rasul

ALLAHII WAA Khatimaan Nabiyeenaa

Be Rehmatiikaa Yaa Arrhamarrahemeenaa”

  1. You have to perform this method for 11 days,  and it will be better for you. If you make it 21 days for the good results.
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